Five Days of Snow Math: Making Numbers Fun

Five Days of Snow Math

Early experiences with numbers and math ideas through daily activities help prepare children for math in school. If you can make those experiences fun, even better! Here are some ideas for things you can talk about with your children in order to bring important math ideas to winter play.


  • See the thermometer outside? The arrow is point to 15 degrees.
  • How many sleds do we have? 1-2-3-4.
  • Good shoveling! Let’s make a big pile and then climb up.

Day 2: SHAPES:

  • Let’s make a snowman! First let’s start with three, big round balls of snow. How do we make those round?
  • How about a snow walk? Follow right in my tracks. First we will make a shape like a pie. We start with a circle…


  • Push hard! This snow ball is getting reeeeally heavy! How can we tell it is heavier than this smaller one in my hand?
  • For the snowman, first let’s make the big ball, then the medium-sized one, and last the littlest one right on top. Why can’t we put the littlest one on the bottom?


  • See the pattern in those tire tracks? Line-space-line-space-line-space…
  • Those icicles make such a pretty pattern when the tips touch the snow. Point-point-point-point…
  • Dressing in the winter works best when you always follow the same pattern. Snowsuit-boots-hat-mittens…


  • Where are we going to put all of this snow?
  • How many sleds do we need so everyone fits?
  • A snow doggie? How shall we make that?

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**This list came from an original Parent Page listing compiled by UW-Extension of Dane County in collaboration with Launching into Literacy and Math team members.
Thanks to UW-Extension for permission of use. 

Share your ideas below, for giving children early math experiences!