Child Yoga for Beginners: Part 2: “Flower Pose” for Spring


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  1. To start class, we sit cross-legged and breathe, allowing ourselves to become fully present. “Smell the roses” (Breathe in), “Blow out the candle” (Breathe out).
  2. Next is “Flower Pose.” Sitting cross-legged or on your knees, bring your hands together above your head to “Close the flower,” and breathe out…
  3. “Open the flower,” and breathe in. Repeat this movement as desired.**For babies or very young children, sit with them on your lap and gently move their arms up halfway and down again.


Flower Pose pose is great for bringing a classroom or group of children back together when they are starting to get out of control. This pose allows them to calm themselves through steady breathing, practice controlling their body movement, and become used to bringing themselves down to focus on something else when they are wound up.

Brought to you by Supporting Families Together Association in collaboration with the University Avenue Discovery Center Preschool.