Child Yoga for Beginners: Part 3: “Butterfly Pose”

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  1. Start out with children sitting on the floor with their legs out in front of them.
  2. Tell everyone to pretend there is glue on their hands. It is very sticky so it needs to go where we need it for this pose– on the bottoms of our feet!
  3. Next, have everyone stick the bottoms of their feet together as best they can– for children who have trouble with this position, have them bend one knee at a time in and put the sole of their foot wherever they can reach on their opposite leg.
  4. Once they are in position, ask children whether their butterfly wants to fly. If they say no, let them stay in this pose. If they say yes, have children place their hands on their shoulders and flap their “wings” by moving their elbows up and down. Make it a game! Ask children where their butterfly wants to visit, or choose a number of wing flaps to count to together.


Butterfly Pose pose is good for calming children down by lowering your voice as you talk to them about where they want to fly, or by quietly counting with them to the number you choose. They have to lower their voice too in order to hear you and participate. Having them pretend they can go wherever they choose as a butterfly gives them a chance to exercise their imagination, as well as their bodies. With older children you could do this longer, and take turns “flying” to different places children want to go.

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