Child Yoga for Beginners: Part 4: Sandwich Pose

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  1. Sit on the floor with your legs out straight. We are going to make a sandwich!
  2. Your arms put the ingredients on your sandwich, and your legs are the bread. What should we put on our sandwich? (For older children, such as 4K, you can have them offer up ingredients and add them on. For younger children you may want to suggest the ingredients and keep to just a few). Make them as a group, or have everyone make their own if it is not a day where everyone feels like they can listen and follow to add the same things.
  3. For each ingredient reach your arms down to your toes. On the way, spread your peanut butter, “Swish, swish.” Add your cheese, “Slap, slap.” Put on some pickles, “Crunch, crunch.” Do sound effects for whatever you add to make it more fun for the children, and don’t forget to keep reaching to your toes (or as far as you can), then back up for each new ingredient.
  4. Once we have all of our ingredients on our sandwich, it is time to eat it up! Reach all of the way down to your toes, then move slowly up, eating your sandwich “Chomp, chomp!” Sometimes it takes a few bites before we are done.


Sandwich pose is a pose for days when the children are feeling antsy and a little energetic. It is interactive and fun, and let’s them be a part of the pose by using their imagination to add their own ingredients. Sometimes when they are feeling really silly, children will want to add things that are not appropriate to their “sandwich.” Just remind them that we only want to put things on the sandwich that we would want to eat, and we can’t choose our own ingredients if we are choosing things that might upset our tummies. Yuck! This pose is a nice simple stretch with a twist, to give children a little upper body movement and a chance to be creative.

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