Child Yoga for Beginners: Part 5: Sun Salutation

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Start on your feet with your arms up and swaying to the sun. From there, use the song lyrics, as posted on the photos, and the accompanying video and music from Kira Willey to move yourself and the kids through this series of poses.
(*For younger children try breaking this series up into pieces since it is fairly long for some younger children to follow right away).


This pose series incorporates many typical yoga poses, such as Downward Dog, Frog Pose, and Mountain Pose. This series is great for children who have sensory issues or needs, and even for those who don’t. This pose not only gets their bodies moving, it allows children to practice deep breathing and focus, guiding them to calm their minds and their bodies.

Learn more about Kira Willey and buy the “Dance for the Sun” CD and other child yoga resources on her website.

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