Child Yoga for Beginners: Part 6: Tree Pose

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Feet flat on the floor to start, your legs are your “roots.” Slowly bring the sole of one foot to your ankle for a “baby tree” or to your knee if you can. Raise your arms high like branches, and swish, swish, swish, in the wind, ten times. Lower your foot and hands, and plant your roots again. Switch legs. For beginners and younger children, do this position facing a partner and holding both of their hands. When children are physically and mentally ready, they can try this pose on their own. Babies or very early toddlers can be held while a parent or teacher does this pose, or you can gently move their arms and legs through the position while they lay on their backs.

This pose is great for helping children and grown-ups alike master the skills of balance, and concentration. It is also a good way to help children stretch their bodies and practice counting with their “branches.” You can even bring imagination into the pose by asking the children what kind of tree they are, or bring in a science lesson by talking about trees and what they do for us after or before the pose.

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