Child Yoga For Beginners: Part 7: Table Top Pose

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Start on the ground sitting down. Pretend you each have a bowl in your lap. Together, everyone should mime adding 3 of their favorite food ingredients into their “bowl”; or more, or less– depending on the age of the children and their attention span. Pretend to stir your ingredients and pop the bowl into the “oven.” Count to however long you all decide the food should take, (again, from a few seconds to ten or more, depending on the children’s age). Once the food is done– DING! Time to eat! Set your bowl of “food” on your tummy and rise up into Table Top position. This means you plant your feet on the floor in front of you with your knees bent at 90 degrees, and your hands behind you. Your whole mid-section is lifted up and your torso is flat like a Table Top. Hold the Table Top position up for a few bites of your food, “Chomp, chomp.” Then lower down and breathe. Lift and lower again as many times as you would like to take to finish eating your food, until you are “full.” An alternative to this pose for smaller children would be to leave their legs or arms down and only bend their knees with their feet on the floor and arms by their sides, or to keep their legs out straight with their arms propping them up behind.

This pose is great for learning balance, stretching out the muscles in children’s torsos, arms, and legs so that they are more limber for active play, and also for stretching their imaginations as they pretend to cook and eat their food. This could be a great pose to pair with a unit or discussion about nutrition, where you could talk about what healthy foods you could add to your bowl for ingredients, and why it is sometimes good to stop and take a breath between bites, and chew your food slowly. The possibilities are endless!

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