Lunching With Little Ones: Making Healthy Summer Food Choices

Lunching With Little Ones
Making Healthy Summer Food Choices

The sun is out, heavy clothes are hidden away; suddenly you are full of energy! Now is the time to recommit to healthy eating for your little ones, and you.

Click to view the interactive version!

Click to view the interactive version!

Lifelong healthy eating habits are built in childhood

Breaking unhealthy eating habits as an adult is harder than learning healthy eating habits as a child. As a child care provider, parent, or other adult in a child’s life, you have a huge effect on children’s eating choices and habits. Good nutrition keeps children physically healthy, so that they are prepared to learn and grow at their highest potential.

Plan for affordable, healthy food choices

Food need not be expensive to be healthy. Here is how to eat healthy without spending a fortune.

Keep healthy eating a positive experience

Body image issues, like eating habits, form early in life. Ensure that as you teach children healthy eating habits you also teach them to embrace their bodies and appreciate their physical uniqueness.

BONUS: Recipes shared by Wisconsin Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) agencies:

(*This article and infographic were originally created for the summer DCF Provider News. View the newsletter here.)