WI Child Care Providers: Fingerprinting Requirement

finger printDear Child Care Professionals:

Child care providers receiving Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy (also known as county subsidy) and/or participating in YoungStar are required to obtain a one-time only fingerprint check on all caregiver employees no later than December 31, 2015. Licensed child care centers must apply for an authorization from the Department of Justice Crime Information Bureau to receive the fingerprint check results before submitting the fingerprint background check request.

Prior to conducting fingerprint-based background checks on employees, please complete this form on the DOJ website and submit it to the Crime Information Bureau. Providers can submit completed forms via:

Email: CIBRecordCheck@doj.state.wi.us
FAX: 608.267.4558
U.S. Mail:

WI Department of Justice
Record Check Unit
PO BOX 2688
Madison, WI  53701-2688

For information on Caregiver Background Checks, visit the website: http://dcf.wisconsin.gov/childcare/licensed/CBC.htm