A Small Change Makes a BIG Difference for Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

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For more information about how to prevent child abuse and neglect, check out these resources:

National Child Abuse Prevention Month 2014
Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Parenting Education for Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention

Teach-a-Thon Posts3 Most of SFTA’s Small Change Makes a BIG Difference child abuse and neglect prevention trainings are open to the community, including parents, providers, and anyone else who is interested! Trainings are occurring through April, throughout Wisconsin. Please call 1.888.713. KIDS to find a training in your area. About/Building Parent Education: What Works, Wisconsin- Research to Practice Series Child Care Aware: Family Involvement Parent Education Information and Resources: Your Local Child Care Resource & Referral Agency (CCR&R) National Parenting Education Network National Parent Helpline United Way: Parenting Resources

Twelve Alternatives to Lashing out at Your Child: Prevent Child Abuse America

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Twelve Alternatives to Lashing out at Your Child
from Prevent Child Abuse America

  1. The next time everyday pressures build up to the point where you feel like lashing out — STOP!
  2. Try any of these simple alternatives. You’ll feel better… and so will your child.
  3. Take a deep breath… and another. Then remember you are the adult.
  4. Close your eyes and imagine you’re hearing what your child is about to hear.
  5. Press your lips together and count to 10… or better yet, to 20.
  6. Put your child in a time-out chair (remember this rule: one time-out minute for each year of age).
  7. Put yourself in a time-out chair. Think about why you are angry: is it your child, or is your child simply a convenient target for your anger?
  8. Phone a friend.
  9. If someone can watch the children, go outside and take a walk.
  10. Take a hot bath or splash cold water on your face
  11. Hug a pillow.
  12. Turn on some music. Maybe even sing along.
  13. Pick up a pencil and write down as many helpful words as you can think of. Save the list.
  14. Call for prevention information: Wisconsin residents call Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin: (920) 996-2210.

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Other resources:
Strengthening Families Through Early Care and Education

Radio Program for Abuse & Neglect Prevention

Special Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program – Live on La Movida Radio
Interview with Romilia Schlueter, Program Host 

Question 1: Last week, you were able to do something very unique and very special for SFTA’s April Teach-a-Thon. Expanding on the work that you already do with Apoyando Familias – Aprendiendo Juntos, you were able to utilize radio waves as a means to educate adults about how they can help prevent child sexual abuse. How did this opportunity come about?

Romilia Schlueter, Program Host (Host): At the end of one of our March programs, I had a conversation with Lupita Montoto, Account Executive for Mid-West Family Broadcasting, to ask her about donating two hours in La Movida Radio, plus her and Diego Campoverde-Cisneros’ time, to broadcast an educational program on the prevention of child sexual abuse. Both Lupita and Diego are part or SFTA’s weekly radio program and were happy to give their time to the special program. The date was then set for April 20th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. 

Question 2: What focus did you choose for this special edition of Apoyando Familias – Aprendiendo Juntos?

(Host):We divided the program in 3 segments; with an overall focus on the factors that contribute to strengthen the family. The program began with an invitation to our listeners to call us and tell us one thing they did to nurture themselves.  We had planned to fill some time by reading from a document titled 101 Ways to Nurture your Spirit (Strengthening Families web site), but the audience had their own ideas and all the phone lines immediately lit up, while text messages began to arrive.   We were set up for a good start! The strong welcome from the audience gave us the push we needed to move through the ideas and tips we had planned to give parents for relating in positive ways to their children, and into the 7 steps from the materials prepared by Darkness to Light in their Stewards of Children training on the prevention of sexual abuse. To thank our callers, we prepared a collection of culturally relevant materials that parents and providers could use in their daily interactions with their children, each caller received a free copy of the materials and we also read from them to lighten up the mood toward the end of the program. 

Question 3: What was the response from your audience?

(Host): Welcoming, grateful and affirming!  60 people called or texted during the program, others left messages in my work phone. A coordinator from a local organization, asked for materials for a group of child care providers that meet in her program, most of the materials were distributed by a Latino business in Madison.  

Question 4: What was the most moving moment of the day?

(Host): We had many moving moments… it warmed my heart to hear how mothers, fathers, grandparents and child care providers, identified the simple but effective ways they use to stay strong and committed; such as: “I sing and dance with my son” “I go take a Sumba class”  “I read with my children” “I go for walks” “we watch movies together” … A woman called and asked for a moment off the air… her voice sounded so very sad… 

Question 5: What would you say is the biggest need in continuing the work around child abuse and neglect and sexual abuse?

(Host): I am going to be selfish in my answer and (just this time) focus not on the children and families we serve, but in finding ways for the trainers to stay mentally and spiritually healthy in order to continue addressing this important prevention issue while remaining strong to themselves and their families. We know the need is (unfortunately) great – each trainer can identify with those moments when a victim uses the “window” opened by the training moment, to share her experience…  Let’s have the courage to put on our own oxygen mask first, so we can continue to be of help for others. 

Visit the Apoyando Familias, Aprendiendo Juntos blog, and learn more about SFTA on our website.